The great thing about cinnamon extract is it can be used in almost anything! It is a delicious addition to so many baked goods – breads, scones, muffins, pies, cookies. It is also perfect for coffees or hot chocolates to give them a little kick. Or maybe a dash can added to your favorite fall or winter cocktail. 

Unlike vanilla beans, which you can essentially leave in your extract jar indefinitely, cinnamon sticks tend to taste bitter if in the vodka for too long. Since we don’t want bitter extract, pull the sticks out once your extract has reached the appropriate strength. You’ll know by smell and color – it will be a lovely rich brown and very fragrant.



  1. Place your cinnamon sticks in your pint jar or extract-making container. You may need to break them in half to fit.
  2. Pour in the vodka, making sure the cinnamon sticks are completely submerged.
  3. Cover and allow to rest in a pantry 4-6 weeks until it reaches the desired strength.
  4. Remove the cinnamon sticks and enjoy your extract!


  •  You can halve this recipe to make a smaller batch of extract, or double or triple to make more.
  • Once your extract has reached the desired strength, remove the cinnamon sticks. Sticks left in the vodka too long will turn bitter and ruin your extract.
  • The exact amount of time your extract will need to steep depends on the strength and age of your cinnamon sticks and how strong you like your extract.

Here's a video of us making this extract during a recent Live extract making party:

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How do you store the cinnamon extract after its finished and how long is it good for?

— Tammy Brooks

Suggestions on making vanilla cinnamon extract? Please and thank you

— Pam Copeland

Made the cinnamon extract using above recipe. It’s been 6 weeks still smells like Kirkland vodka ,no cinnamon smell.Used 4 sticks of the ceylon from you. Do I leave them in longer?
Thank you

— Janice Smith

What do I do with cinnamon sticks after making extract?
Grind and use like regular powdered cinnamon?
How to make cinnamon sugar with them?

Thanks for your help!

— Sandy

Can you use the cinnamon sticks once you’re done making the extract? If so can you advise what you can do with them?

— Jessica

Do you need to dry or toast or whatever the sticks first in the oven? Asking for a friend.

— Ami Swerdlick

What type/proof vodka should I use? Would a cheaper vodka work OK since the cinnamon is strong, or a better vodka? Thank you.

— Karen

What type/proof vodka should I use? Would a cheaper vodka work OK since the cinnamon is strong, or a better vodka? Thank you.

— Karen

How do I know if the cinnamon extract tastes right? Should I taste some cinnamon first?

— Tylene Wilcox

HI, I was wondering about the size of the cinnamon sticks. I have some that are probably 8 inches long and some that are maybe 4 inches. Which size should I use for the extract? Thank You :)

— Liz Mehr

I’m new to the group. What type of cinnamon sticks are recommended? Also vodka or rum? Same ratio and timing?

— Robin ONeill

Can I use captain Morgan instead of vodka for cinnamon extract???

— Carlyn Smith

Once the Cinnamon sticks have been removed, would it be ok to add another batch of sticks to make a more flavorful extract or is once enough?
Thank You

— Roxann

Hi Sandy!
Good question. We believe the cinnamon sticks would keep their quality for about 6 months but are still “good” for much longer. Since you physically have the cinnamon sticks, I would say you’re likely the best judge about them. :) Happy extracting!

— VanillaPura

I am curious how long cinnamon sticks last if stored in a plastic bag.???? months or years? I plan to make Cinnamon extract but thinking these sticks are too old. I’ll use the old ones for decorations at Christmas.

— Sandy

Absolutely! One of the most popular things to do with cinnamon sticks is grinding them and then adding them to sugar to make cinnamon sugar. YUM!

— VanillaPura

Hello, Maria!

The extract should still be good for about 3-4 years. :)

— VanillaPura

When my cinnamon sticks are done soaking, can I dry them and grind them up?

— Gail

How long does cinnamon extract lasts?

— MAria COdispoti