A simple, classic vanilla extract recipe with Tahit vanilla beans from our vanilla extract pro, Bonnie. She has also published coffee extract and orange extract in previous blog posts. It's safe to say that Bonnie knows extracts and she's constantly making new creations in her kitchen. You can see Bonnie's posts and progress in our private Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura

In Bonnie's words, here how to make a simple, classic vanilla extract at home:

This is my first vanilla with VanillaPura vanilla beans! I started it on 11/2/2020
With 2 ounces of Tahitian vanilla beans and 16oz Captain Morgan White Rum. 

It originally had 18 beans in the half gallon mason jar. But with my 2nd order I added about 4 more beans.
I cut them length wise and scrapped most of the caviar out of them into the jar.
I tasted it with some light cream. It has a very good flavor to it already (as of 3/20/21)
white rum tahitian vanilla extract


VanillaPura Vanilla Pro


Thank you for the recipe I bought Captain Morgan’s White Rum and when my Tahiti beans came in I started a recipe! I am excited to watch and smell the progress.

— Judy Stephens