Anise is a versatile flavor combination of a licorice-pepper flavor.  It pairs wonderfully in soups, stews, and braising broths. On the sweet side, add it to your biscotti and rice puddings. It pairs well with blackberries, pears, peaches, plums and apricots.

Use a 16oz jar or larger.

-8-12 whole star anise or 1/4 cup anise seeds
-12 ounces of vodka 


  1. Add Anise to jar and pour in 12 ounces of vodka. 
  2. Add more at little more vodka as the seeds absorb the alcohol. Let steep about 1-2 months, checking periodically for flavor.
  3. After 1-2 months, If a stronger flavor is desired, change out the anise seeds and repeat step 2 above.

Happy extracting!!

Thank you Starlette for sharing this recipe:)

VanillaPura Pro


Hi Lyn, a great alcohol-free extract to begin with is the "Alcohol Free and Low-Carb Homemade Vanilla Extract’ which can be found on our Extract Recipe Blog.

You can also use glycerin instead of alcohol to make homemade extracts. There’s an article titled "Using Glycerin instead of Alcohol for Homemade Extracts’ on our blog which you may find helpful!

— VanillaPura Pro

Do you have any recipes for extracts that don’t use alcohol. Due to health issues I can’t use any alcohol. Thankyou for your time

— Lyn Simnett