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      You're invited to join our vanilla extract making groups!

      We hear from thousands of at-home extract makers that that enjoy participating in groups as a way of getting educated, asking questions and sharing experiences about extract making. (And not just vanilla extract, any kind of extract is discussed!) 

      We started a private Facebook group in 2020 and it has grown by thousands of members in just a few months. For those of you that do not participate in Facebook, you can join us on YouTubeInstagram, Reddit and Pinterest.

      The more people we get to our groups, the more lively the discussions become. Plus, we love to give out FREE VANILLA BEANS on each group as we grow!

      So, click on any image below to join us on your favorite social media platform. We look forward to seeing all of you there! 


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      Facebook has the largest follower base and, as a result, it has much more interaction. But with your help in sharing this page, our presence on your favorite social media platform can grow quickly. We grew by 100,000 members in just 3 years on Facebook and now the conversations are lively and free vanilla beans are awarded there regularly. The more people we get, the more dialog, tips and experience that we can share together. 

      We look forward to seeing you on one of our social media groups very soon!