Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahitian vanilla beans have a one-of-a-kind fruity aroma, with cherry/chocolate hints and licorice/caramel tones. It's a flavor sensation when extracted properly and will liven up any dish. Particularly dishes like lemon bars, tarts or orange rolls. 

There are 5 types of vanilla bean grown in Tahiti:

  1. Haapape - The most common version with a relatively large bean and strong aroma.
  2. Rae Rae - Meaning "Yellow". It is the most fragrant and given its name because the vanilla pods actually turn yellow early in their growth. 
  3. Tahiti - Imported from the Philippines, it is both fragrant and small. 
  4. Potati - Develops into an abnormal shape and is difficult to cultivate for commercial purposes.
  5. Purahurahu - Long leaves with a pod that is also very long and, therefore, difficult to cultivate.

On a global scale, Tahiti remains a very small producer of vanilla beans. When Tahitian vanilla beans are available and properly extracted, they provide a taste profile that is totally unique and surprisingly sweet.