VanillaPura Book Club - Private Facebook Group

We are excited to begin an entirely new series of extract-making parties where we make, test and review every recipe and extract in our best-selling book, "The Art of Extract Making".

You are invited to join authors Paul & Jill virtually where they will broadcast live from their kitchen in Utah.

These interactive live events will take place in our Facebook group called, "The VanillaPura Book Club". To be a member of our book club, you must be a member of clubVpura and/or you must have purchased our book, The Art of Extract Making.

Information about clubVpura memberships is below. You can order our book on Amazon or, the links are also below.

Join our live extract making party
In addition to making extracts and learning more about extract applications, we will also be giving away a free vanilla extract gift kit  that includes vanilla beans, a bottle and a copy of our book in a beautiful gift box. Retail value: over $60.00.

See our next party schedule in our Facebook events or on Eventbrite

Hope to see you all there!!

Here's the link to join clubVpura - starting at $49.95 which includes membership to our book club, free US shipping on all orders for a year and access to exclusive discounts.

Here's the link to join our private book club group so you can participate in the party live.

Here's the link to buy our book.

You can also watch our previous parties on our YouTube channel any time.

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