¡Quién diría que el extracto de café podría ser una adición tan práctica y deliciosa a la despensa de tu cocina!

Este extracto con mucho cuerpo mejorará casi cualquier receta, pero especialmente todo lo relacionado con el chocolate. El extracto de Randy también es un excelente sustituto del espresso en polvo en todas tus recetas dulces o saladas.

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Estamos orgullosos de compartir aquí la receta en palabras de Randy:

  • 2 onzas. de granos de café (opté por una mezcla Kona de Safeway pero elegí tu grano favorito)
  • 8 oz. De vodka.
*Cambio los granos dos veces en el transcurso de un mes y espero que esté listo el próximo mes.
¡Feliz extracción!
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Do you think I could use 190 proof to make this or would it be too strong? I prefer using Diamond Clear for my extracts, its basically Everclear but its organic. I love keeping my recipes as organic as possible. Do you think I would need to dilute it? Thanks :)

— Kristin B.

Hi! I used whole Peet’s aged Sumatra coffee beans with vodka and rum. Yummy strong coffee flavor….made liquor……some is sitting with a couple of vanilla beans. Some I also had carob nibs mixed in. Your recipe started it all! Thank you. Oh…also did it in food grade glycerin 😁

— Laurie Van Unen

I was switching out my beans and now only have about 1/2 cup of liquid! Is this normal? Should I add more vodka when I add the new beans?

— Janice Meeks

Hello, Derrick!

The process is about two months but be sure to test taste it and adjust based on your liking!

— VanillaPura

Maybe I’m just not seeing it. But how long is the process all together? Change the beans twice a month for how many months?

— Derrick Quema

Hi Pamela!

A coffee grinder would certainly work in making a coarse grind. :) Happy extracting!

— VanillaPura

I don’t have a morter and pestle so would I be ale to use a coffee grinder for a course grind?


Hi Mary!
You just need to combine the ingredients in a glass jar with a lid and leave the extract in a cool/dark place. The recommendation from the person who gave us the recipe is to switch out the coffee beans twice a month for a richer flavor. Hope this helps!

— VanillaPura

I would prefer step by step instructions in words versus pictures

— MaryEllen Cottmeyer

I’m confused are you using 8 ounces of vanilla that’s already made are you using vanilla beans?

— Nancy

My my experience with this recipe is, I had to add a half a cup of vodka each time I changed the beans. I expected some absorption, but not that much, so that probably means that I over pulverized the beans

— David Thomas

Are you using the mortar & pestle to crush the 2oz of beans before adding the Vodka?
Are the replacement beans in the same amount as originally used, 2 oz?
So, am I to assume the extraction timeframe for completion is 2 mos after changing the beans 2x’s from the initial start?

— Ruth

This sounds great. Can’t wait to try it in brownies and chocolate cake. Does it still have a strong vodka taste?

— Lisa Mcconnaughay

Why did you replace the beans? What purpose did it serve or can you leave the beans the whole time? I’m new at this and are tying to understand the different methods/reasons and want the best results.

— Dawn Castillo