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VanillaPura is pleased to offer an entirely new vanilla bean from the island nation of Comoros through its capital city of Moroni. This beautiful new vanilla bean is named after the tropical town of Sima, Comoros. Indeed, if you like Madagascar vanilla, you will love Comoros vanilla. 

Best Price: $24.74/oz when you purchase a 4oz pouch.
Bean Family: V. planifolia
Bean Origin: Comoros
Bean Quality: Grade A (pliable, moist, oily)
Aroma: Creamy classic vanilla with a hint of caramel and marshmallow.
Extract Taste: Classic vanilla taste taste with notes of dark chocolate, caramel and buttery/marshmallow undertones.
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VanillaPura's V. planifolia Comoros Vanilla Beans are of the highest quality and have a very unique aroma and taste profile. Given its location near Madagascar, it boasts all the traits of a sweet Madagascar vanilla bean. But underneath that classic vanilla aroma and taste, you will discover hints of chocolate, caramel and, yes... marshmallows. It's a soft note of sweetness and the word "marshmallow" seems to describe it best. It's truly a unique vanilla experience. 

The Comoros islands are a very small and remote part of our world. Hidden on most world maps by the massive neighboring country of Madagascar to its East, and the continent of Africa to its West. Yet, there it lies in the Mozambique Channel with its beautiful capital city Moroni as the commerce hub of the country.  

Comoros map

(Comoros is nestled between Madagascar and Mozambique)

We named this beautiful bean The Sima, after one Comoros' more tropical, quaint and beautiful towns that highlights the rich soils and beautiful climate required to produce these rare and exotic vanilla beans. 

Tropics of Comoros

(Tropical coastline of Comoros) 

The Sima Comoros vanilla beans are oily and high in vanillin content. These are plump vanilla beans, and are usually between 5" and 7" inches long and have a dark brown color. Great for sugars, salts and powders when dried, in addition to their excellent use in extracts. 

VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 

This is a group buy product. Group buy orders are combined with other customer orders and may have a lead time of 4-8 weeks. The result is a low-priced, gourmet vanilla bean. "Wait a little, and save a lot!" 

On average, there are 5-8 beans/oz depending on the moisture content of the specific batch of vanilla beans. There can be as few as 5 beans or as many as 15 beans. Pricing reflects current market conditions and will be updated as market prices change.

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Love the marshmallow undertones of these beans.


superb customer care, fast shipping the beat quality product




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