Christi es miembro de nuestro grupo privado de Facebook, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura . A principios de esta semana, compartió su receta de extracto de manzana que pensamos que sería perfecta para compartir ahora que el otoño no está muy lejos. ¡Este extracto sería el complemento perfecto para productos horneados, sidra de manzana caliente y más! Estamos emocionados de compartir esta receta con sus propias palabras e imágenes.


  • 5 tazas de manzanas liofilizadas
  • alrededor de 3 tazas de vodka


    1. Coloque 2 tazas de manzanas liofilizadas y las 3 tazas de vodka en un frasco de vidrio con tapa.
    2. Cambie las manzanas: - A la semana 1: retire las manzanas viejas y agregue 1 taza de manzanas secas nuevas. - A las 2 semanas, deseche las manzanas viejas y agregue 1 taza de manzanas secas nuevas. A las 3 semanas vuelve a pasar lo mismo. (las manzanas absorben mucho líquido, producirás 1 taza de extracto cuando termines)
    3. Colar, correr, tirar el filtro de café y ¡listo! El extracto tarda unas 5 semanas en realizarse.

Nota: También estoy haciendo una manzana con vainilla, pero aún no está lista. Cualquier pregunta no dude en preguntar, estoy más que dispuesto a responder.

VanillaPura Pro


Many apologies for the confusion with the quantity of freeze-dried apples to use for this extract.

You’ll need 5 cups total, using 2 cups initially and then an additional 1 cup each time you change them out. I’ve just edited the recipe and so hopefully a bit clearer now. Happy extracting!

— VanillaPuraPro

How many apples do you use for the first run?

— Tracy

So need a total of 5 cups of freeze-dried apples, Correct?

— Delsi

The question of using dehydrated fruit comes up often. Depending on the machine used to dehydrate the fruit, the level of moisture left in the fruit is questionable. Therefore, hard to pinpoint what percentage of alcohol to use. We generally stick with freeze-dried or fresh because we know the moisture content more accurately. But that being said, you could do a little experiment and try it with vodka and Everclear and see what happens:)

Happy Extracting!

— VanillaPura Pro

This sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing your recipe. One question, though…

of your instructions is a bit confusing. Could you please clarify this. For the first week do you add the 2 cups of apples the recipe calls for then after one week do you discard those apples and THEN ADD 1 cup more and repeat each week thereafter?

A couple of people have already asked this question, but I didn’t see a response. THANK YOU 😊

— Bernadette Niebuhr

Hi Dale, You can use fresh fruit but you will need to use a higher proof alcohol because of the dilution from the water in the fresh fruit. Search under the search key on our website for: Everclear and fresh fruit. You will find some helpful information. Happy Extracting!

— VanillaPura Pro

Is there a way to do this without freeze dried apples, regular apples?

— Dale M Faulkner

Do you completely remove the 2cups of freeze-dried apples, the 1st week & add back 1cup of freeze-dried apples, & repeat for the 3 weeks? Also do you replace any of the vodka if some has been displaced?
Thank you for your help in understanding your recipe, can’t wait to make.
Kathy Roth

— Kathy

For your apple vanilla how many vanilla beans do you use?? This sounds delicious!!

— Donna Langevin

are you able to use fresh apples and what type of apple

— coleen gommer

Can you use fresh apple and and would you do everything the same if so?
Thank you

— Regina

Change out the apples every week for 3 weeks and add 1 cup of apples (apples absorb lots of liquid that’s why I ended last 2 weeks with only 1 cup) for next week then repeat.

Change out the apples and add 1 cup of apples?

— Chris

Hi Carrie!
Dehydrated apples should work just fine. :) As far as the conversion rate, we would say you could likely keep about the same amount and just make sure the apples are covered by the vodka. :)

Happy Extracting!

— VanillaPura

I see the recipe says freeze-dried apples. Would it work with dehydrated apples and what conversion rate would you suggest?

— Carrie Sawyer