¡El extracto de almendras casero es súper fácil de preparar en casa y solo requiere 2 ingredientes! Es excelente para darle sabor a glaseados, ponerlo en tartas de cerezas frescas, hacer galletas caseras, ¡el cielo es el límite! Utilizamos semillas de albaricoque que se utilizan para aromatizar el amaretto, el mazapán y el extracto de almendra.


  • ½ taza de semillas de albaricoque amargo (necesitarás 1½ tazas en total para cambiarlas dos veces)
  • 14 onzas de ron o vodka

También necesitarás un frasco del tamaño de una pinta o más grande.


  1. Para comenzar, precalienta el horno a 200°F y tuesta los granos durante 20 minutos, con cuidado de no quemarlos.
  2. Rompe los granos ligeramente y, mientras aún estén calientes, agrégalos al alcohol.
  3. Déjelo reposar durante 2 a 3 semanas, luego cuele y repita los primeros 2 pasos con granos frescos .
  4. Dejar actuar otras 2-3 semanas, colar y repetir los 2 primeros pasos por última vez.
  5. Guárdelo en un lugar fresco y oscuro y agite el frasco de vez en cuando. ¡Deja que se realice la extracción hasta que el sabor sea de tu agrado! Cuanto más se extraiga, más rico será el sabor. Normalmente está listo al cabo de unos meses.
  6. Cuando esté listo, ¡simplemente cuela y úsalo!


☆ Los granos se pueden blanquear si se desea, pero dejar la piel intacta proporcionará una mayor profundidad al sabor.

☆ Parte del alcohol será absorbido por los granos, puedes agregar más alcohol según sea necesario.

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Hi Cathy, I had the exact same question when I found out that you could use apricot kernels to make almond extract!

Apricot kernels just happen to yield an extract with a finer almond flavor. The same compounds that give almonds their flavor are found in apricot kernels but in a stronger concentration.

— VanillaPura Pro

I would also like to know why we are to use apricot kernels to make almond extract. Why not use almonds?

— cathy

Your articles on vanilla beans are excellent. I just read the one on receiving the vanilla beans in cold weather and hot weather. It was throughout and very helpful. The illustrations are terrific.
I have been making extracts for many years but am always learning something new from your site. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of the vanilla beans.

— linnanne

Thank you for sharing another method Karen!

— VanillaPura Pro

Found this recipe online from Cheryl Savona-Carothers:


Since my cookie recipe was so quick and easy today, I finally had time to make more Almond Extract. Most of you already know how to make it, but if some of our new members want to make it, I’m showing you how.😊

Almond Extract is super easy to make. You just need the alcohol of your choice, being between 80-100 proof and bitter apricot kernels. You can purchase Bitter Apricot Kernels on Amazon. The recipe is 1 cup of bitter apricot kernels to 1 cup of alcohol. Then you let it brew for 10-12 weeks. That’s it!

You just blanch the bitter apricot kernels in boiling water, then let them soak for 30-45 minutes. This makes removing the skins very easy. This part is a little bit of a pain in the patootie, but it’s worth the work to have crystal clear extract. Leaving the skins on will make your extract cloudy and that can cause bitterness.

— Karen

When making almond extract, can I remove the brown skins on the apricot kernels prior to soaking in vodka? I do not want a brown looking extract.

— Chrustina

Hello, let me see if I can answer some of these questions. I use bitter apricot kernels in 12-16 ounces of 80-100 proof vodka for a clean flavor. Roast your kernels in the oven on 200° for twenty minutes. You do not need to soak the kernels prior. Add to the alcohol, give it a good shake, and let it sit a month, then repeat with new kernels. I change them out 2 or 3 times until the almond flavor gets good. You can use either bitter or sweet apricot kernels and they can be bought online. You can also use the kernels from apricot or any stone fruit pits, if you have the time, its tedious, but works. Its important to roast before using.

— Starlette

Everyone are asking questions that are not answered here. So I searched the net and came up with this info on using the fruit pits to make extracts. Not sure if it’s ok to post links, but hopefully this will help answer any doubts about using the pits.

— Barb

To answer some questions. Nid Apricot kernels are what has the known Almond flavoring we are use too. Commercial extract uses the apricot kernels. Using Almonds doesn’t give the flavor you are use too. As for Cynide, there’s not enough in your extract to cause an issue. You’d have to consume a lot.

— Sandra Fenter

It would be nice if someone would answer the questions in the comments. I realize this section is for “comments”, but there are some really good, valid questions. Please consider responding to your consumers. Thank you.

— Becky

How do apricot pits make almond extract

— Margie

Where can I buy apricot pits?
Do I just use the kernel & throw away the shells?
How long till it’s done?

— Christine Schmidt

Hi- I gathered apricot pits this summer when making jam. They’ve been sitting until now and the pits are dried. If I crack them open now can I still use the dried seeds to make almond extract after they’re well dried?

— Judy

What does extract look like when it’s finished? Mine looks clear & watery?

— Julie Matheus

My dad just brought me 500 apricot pitts. He is worried about me using them cause his wife said the pitts have cyanid in them. Do I need to prepare them in a way to make sure they are safe? Or does soaking in vodka kill the bad stuff???
Sorry if it sounds scary, I was a bit concerned as I never heard of that before, so now I’m worried.

— Melissa

Is there a distinction between bitter apricot pits and sweet apricot pits? Which should we choose? TIA

— Karen Osburn

Do you soak the apricot kernels 1st? Thank you. I have kernels but I don’t know to prepare them.

— Michele Helton

Can I make almond extract with bourbon?

— Sharon

If we are making an almond extract, why then are we using apricot pits)

— Norma Cusanek

Hi, Aimee. I did change out my pits after 3 weeks twice, so at 3 weeks then 6 weeks. I’m letting mine go for 6 months as someone in the group suggested.

— Carol

I’m also waiting for an answer to Aimee. Do you need to replace the apricot seeds at any time during processing?

— Day Patsy

Do I have to change out the apricot pits am during the 2-3 month extraction process?

— Aimee

Hi Rhonda!
So good to hear from you. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the beans you just ordered! We have plenty of members on our Facebook group who have experience making almond extract with peach pits. I would post in the group about that and several people would love to help you out. :)

— VanillaPura

Hello, so happy I seen you guys on Facebook.
I join the last or so of September. I’ve tired making vanilla extract with vodka and one with Bourbon, It’s been about a year and they are not good and I’ve already found out why from you wonderful vanilla loving people… MY beans were old …. So I’ve order with the co-op Madagascar , Mexican, Hawaiian and. Sri-lanky . I repurpose a lot of jars so just need to go to Costco to get my spirits and I’m ready to go! My question here is peach pits can I make almond extract out of peach pits I have a tree that never holds the peaches long enough to ripen, I end up with peach ground cover , So I have tons of peach pits!!

— Rhonda

Hi Sandi!
We do not offer apricot kernals. A lot of our group members in our Facebook group, Making Vanilla Extract by VanillaPura purchase theirs on Amazon or through other sites. :)

— VanillaPura

Where can you buy apricot pits?

— Sandi Perry

Can you use a variety of pits for the same 1/2 cup to make the extract?

— Ruth

When you say 1/2 c pits, are you talking about the pit (stone) that is found when the fruit is removed or the pit inside the stone when you crack it open?

— Pam Reiger

Question… do you know how many ounces of kernels that you got from the 1/2 cup of Apricot Pits? Thanks

— Marlene Whelan