World's Most-Expensive Vanilla Extract


Because our extract is real. Yours isn't. 


 Why VanillaPura?

  • Only 2 ingredients: Vanilla Beans & Aged Spirits
  • You will see our beans in every bottle
  • Vanilla beans sourced from around the world, each with unique tastes
  • Organic beans. No additives. No extractives. 
  • Exquisite tastes. Decorative Bottle. 
  • For yourself and also a great gift
  • Professional Chef Endorsed
  • Our, decorative large bottles contain 500 to 1250 servings so you don't need to buy again and again. 

Look at your vanilla extract:

  • Does it have more than two ingredients?
  • Is one ingredient "vanilla extractives" instead of whole vanilla beans?
  • Does it have more than one bean (if any) in the bottle? 
  • Does it contain an ingredient that you can't pronounce? 
  • Now ask yourself how many times in the past week you or your family ate something with vanilla extract. It matters. 

98% of US vanilla extracts are artificial and potentially unhealthy. The remaining 2% of "pure" vanilla extract producers use "vanilla extractives" instead of whole beans and cheap "moonshine" for extraction. Why? Because real vanilla...true vanilla is expensive. VanillaPura is the only vanilla extract producer that will not take shortcuts. 

See why professional chef's around country choose VanillaPura over any other alternative. 

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