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      Our Facebook group (Making Vanilla Extract) has quickly become a place where kindness abounds. That shouldn't come as a surprise, since the entire group is built around one of the sweetest creations on our planet: the vanilla bean. 

      Split Vanilla Beans

      Thousands of you have gathered to share ideas about vanilla bean uses in sugars, pastes, desserts and, of course, homemade vanilla extract. You take pictures and share your experiences with strangers that quickly become your friends. All because of bean. 

      Watching total strangers help each other to learn something new has been a joy to observe. It's a reminder of the inherent goodness in all of us. We want to recognize that good.

      In October, November and December, we would like to recognize and reward our VanillaPura Sweet Bean of the Month. The Sweet Bean will be nominated anonymously by members of the group. Sweet Bean nominations are made on behalf of group members that exhibit extraordinary kindness and knowledge. You cannot nominate yourself. You can only nominate others, based on the criteria below. You can also nominate more than one person if you'd like. 

      Those who you nominate should embody the vanilla bean:

      • They are sweet
      • They are happy
      • They are helpful
      • They are fun
      • They make you smile

      In addition:

      • They provide posts that are very helpful and creative 
      • They leave comments that are encouraging to other posters
      • They provide comments with helpful details and tips
      • They show kindness in responding to "newbie" questions
      • They show sweetness in welcoming new friends and helping old friends

      To nominate someone, simply send an email to with the subject "Sweet Bean Nomination". Type a few lines giving the reason that you think your nominee should win. We will review all nominations and announce a winner once a month in our Facebook group.

      When we announce the winner, we will read the nominations but we will keep the names of the nominators anonymous. 

      The winners will receive their choice of 2oz of Madagascar, Tahitian, Indonesian or Ugandan vanilla beans!! 

      Our group is all about leaving the busy, heavy and often-hectic world for a brief moment, and entering a world of sweetness, happiness, fun and smiles. 

      We are so glad to have so many great people in our group. We look forward to reading your nominations.

      Here is a sample nomination. This is an excerpt of a real nomination that we received from one of you: 

      "I would like to nominate [group member 1] for sweet bean of the month. She is so welcoming to a "newbie" like me. I've made a couple of posts with basic questions and her responses are very kind. I also really respect [group member 2] when I see her comments, so I want to nominate her too. You can tell that she has a lot of experience so her opinion really matters to me. I know that when she tells me something it will work. It's hard to pick out just 1 or two people because everyone is very very kind and they share a lot of info that has really helped me. But these two people stand out the most right now." 

      We look forward to seeing even more of your nominations!        

      Below are some sample posts from our Facebook group that we have loved:

      Bottles vanilla extract

      split vanilla beans?

      Split vanilla beans?

      vanilla bean sugar

      vanilla extract bottles