The Papua - Indonesian Vanilla Beans - Grade B, Best For Extracts (Retail)

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Bean Family: V. planifolia
Bean Origin: Indonesia
Bean Quality: Grade B (dry, sometimes brittle, split and cracked extract grade)
Aroma: Smokey & woody vanilla
Extract Taste: Dark chocolate, caramel, bold vanilla
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We are pleased to offer Grade B Indonesian vanilla beans. Buy just one or a few to make your own, homemade vanilla extracts or other vanilla-based items.

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VanillaPura's planifolia Indonesian Vanilla Beans are of the highest quality and have a rich, dark aroma. This particular vanilla bean is our original Indonesian vanilla bean. It originates from the Papua region, which is the most eastern region of Indonesia directly above Australia and relatively near to Tonga and Tahiti. 


When you first open a pouch of Indonesian vanilla beans from Papua, your nose will be met with dark, earthy vanilla notes that are bold and pronounced. As you bring an individual bean closer to your nose, the aroma will tease of dark chocolate with a smokey, bourbon-like accent further defining its perfect placement in your richest desserts. Finally, after months (or even years) of extraction, your finished extract will demonstrate a pronounced vanilla aroma with bold vanilla notes and subtle hints of caramel, cocoa and earthy, all-natural sweetness.

Papua Indonesian vanilla beans are very oily with a strong vanilla scent. They are usually between 5" and 7" inches long and have a dark brown color. These vanilla beans are a favorite among dark chocolate lovers. They are the perfect compliment to some of your dark and rich desserts. Their smokey undertones pair well with bourbon for at-home extract making.

VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 

Papua Indonesia is located ideally for vanilla cultivation within the world's "bean belt". The rugged terrain of this area makes cultivation difficult but the soil and climate provide high harvest yields and exquisite tastes. These ideal climate and soil conditions have helped to make Indonesia the second largest producer of vanilla beans in the world, just behind Madagascar. As a country, Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands spanning 735,000 square miles surrounded by beautiful waters right on the equator. The broad expanse of land, climate and unique soil conditions across Indonesia result in an equally diverse vanilla offering. An Indonesian vanilla bean grown in one region is entirely different than an Indonesian vanilla bean grown in another region. 

When extracted using VanillaPura's techniques with aged spirits, Papua Indonesian Vanilla beans are sure to enhance any culinary creation. 

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Harris
News from a Newbie

I have had the best time learning and then making sooo many good recipes. This is the easiest way to buy everything you need to get started on the trip down the rabbit hole!!!


Perfect, exactly as described!


Beautiful beans.

Indonesian Grade B - Best Beans EVER!!

100 STARS!!!
I cannot BELIEVE how amazing these beans are -- better than any grade A I've found of any kind, anywhere, ever!!! I have tried the Madagascar, Ugandan, Mexican and Indonesian beans from VanillaPura, and Madagascar beans I got from Costco years ago. I've always thought Madagascar was my favorite bean, until now. The Indonesian Grade B has SO much oil in the bag, it dripped down inside the bag after I removed the beans, and just the oil in the 1oz. bag was enough to make a strong measuring cup of vanilla sugar!! The extract turned a slight color on the first shake, due to the oil on the surface of the beans. And upon smelling them, I was taken back to the days of an old-fashioned candy store. I am ordering LOTS more Indonesian beans soon, and next time, I'm getting Co-op Grade A!!

Pete S
Very Nice

Like all the reviews say on this site, quality really is high. These are the nicest grade-B vanilla beans I have ever received. They were still moist enough to cut and scrape out the seeds for paste, but I used for extract. If you want to blend or powder them, they actually may be a little too moist so you would want to leave them out to dry for a few days before powdering. Very impressed. They come in a vacuum sealed pouch, which I really like because I can put them in a call place and not worry about them going bad. (I have time before I have to use them) I've ordered cheap beans on other sites that arrive with mold on them. Not here! I'm impressed.