The Manihi - Tahitian Vanilla Beans - For Extracts and Baking - Grade A (Retail)


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We are thrilled to bring you an exquisite vanilla bean from the Taha'a region of French Polynesia.

Best Price $48.30/oz when you buy an 8oz pouch
Bean Family: V. Tahitensis
Bean Origin: French Polynesia - Tahiti From the Taha'a region
Bean Quality: Grade A (pliable, moist, oily)
Aroma: Light fruit, cherry/chocolate
Extract Taste: Sweet vanilla, cherry/anise, caramel, floral, chocolate
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The Manihi Tahitian vanilla bean is beautiful. It's an extremely difficult vanilla bean to obtain. It is cultivated and harvested in small quantity given the small geographic regions where they are grown. However, French Polynesia is a fairly developed and sophisticated region of the world so harvesting costs are more expensive.

This particular bean can be large and sometimes 2-3 times as plump as other beans which typically means more rich, wonderful oils and a lot of lovely caviar, making this bean a VanillaPura favorite. 

The local farmers take great pride in the production of these vanilla beans (much like our Tongan farmers) and they simply don't sell them for low prices. They know that their beans are rare, elegant, beautiful and of the highest quality that you can expect. At VanillaPura, we are proud to support farmers that put as much emphasis on quality as these farmers do. 

Tahiti Map

We named this vanilla bean The Manihi after one of the 118 islands that make up French Polynesia. The small island of Manihi is described as peaceful and serene, designed for the simple life. We felt that name was appropriate for this bean. 

Tahiti Boat Lagoon

(Living the simple life in Tahiti)

When you first open a pouch of Manihi Tahitian vanilla, your nose will be met with an aroma that is bold, and teases of a cherry/chocolate blend with hints of tropical flowers. When you remove the first bean from the pouch and bring it to your nose, the distinct vanilla base will present itself with undertones of tropical fruit, reminiscent of the paradise where the bean is grown.  Finally, a Manihi Tahitian vanilla bean extract will have complex fruity notes under its bold vanilla taste with a conspicuous scent of cherry, chocolate and caramel that will enhance the taste of homemade ice creams, fruit-based deserts, creme brule, creams and custards with an elegant accent of sweetness not present in traditional vanilla. 

VanillaPura vanilla beans are all shipped vacuum sealed for freshness and should be stored unrefrigerated in a cool, dry and dark place. 

On average, there are 4-6 beans/oz depending on the moisture content of the specific batch of vanilla beans. There can be as few as 2-3 beans or as many as 10 beans depending on each harvest, which is why we sell by weight and not by bean count. Pricing reflects current market conditions and will be updated as market prices change.